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Things You Need To Know About the Alphabet, Google New Parent

What’s the Alphabet?

Alphabet is a new company that will be the parent company Google. According to Larry Page, Alphabet made to anticipate the ever-expanding Google services that later spread to other areas and away from Google’s core business over the years.

Then, where’s Google?

Google is still there, just going to be a subsidiary of the Alphabet. Google will concentrate on the core business of Google for this, such as search engines, Android, YouTube, Maps, and Google Apps.

In addition to Google, what other company is in the Alphabet?

There is Google X (working on an ambitious project of Google), Nest (Smart Home), Fiber (internet service), Google Ventures (the investment startup), Google Capital (long term investments), and Calico (healing of age-related diseases). All of these companies will have a CEO who will report to CEO Larry Page and Sergey Brin Alphabet as President Alphabet.

google-alphabetThen, who is the CEO of Google?

Google will be the highest position held by Sundar Pichai, who prior to this served as Chief Product Google. Pichai designated trail is not surprising considering the achievements of this man born in India. Since joining Google in 2004, Pichai has successfully developed the Google Toolbar, Chrome, and Android.

If you want to know more about the Alphabet, could you see where?

You can visit the site at Alphabet, but the content is a new form of writing Larry Page about the overhaul of the organization. In the letter, Page, among others, explain the reason for the establishment of Alphabet, future plans, and the absence of securities for investors who now holds Google shares.

How’s the relevant parties, such as shareholders and employees of Google?

If the prism of the stock market, Google’s share price rose 6% after this announcement. It shows the market welcomes this reorganization because it considers the new structure makes Google could develop its core business unencumbered initiatives in other businesses.

While Google employees also enthusiastically. This can be seen from the testimony of several Google employees in Quora. Question marks over many leads in which the employee’s position in the new structure of this Alphabet.

Btw, why not as the Alphabet site?

The cause is a trademark Alphabet has belonged to the German automotive company, BMW. By BMW, Alphabet name used for the subsidiary that handles the transport service for the company.

However clashed this name should not be a problem. A common name may be used by other companies as long as not to cause confusion in the consumer’s side. Because BMW in the industry and the Alphabet in the Internet industry, the use of the name Alphabet should not be a problem. Potential new problems arise if the driverless car concept developed by Google X now become a reality in the future.

How to Build Long Last Data Center to Face Future Challenges

google-datacenterBuild a data center in the current era challenges that never existed before. Because the IT world is now filled with trends and technology that makes a data center must be nimble to adapt. Call it the technology of virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the trend of an increase in electricity costs. All of these factors make the data center we build today’s rapidly become outdated and inefficient.

This forced us to do a different approach in building a data center. Building a data center is no longer carried out based on the paradigm of the work being completed when the data center is already operating. Build a data center in the present must prioritize the data center flexibility to adapt to future needs.

How to do it? There are two main things that could be a benchmark. The first is that we must take into account the data center as what we want in the future and how the data center it is easy to adapt. The second benchmark is how we can improve the performance of the data center continuously by conducting audits and upgrade strategy right.

Let’s discuss the first point. When building a data center, more often we dwell on the projected workload in the future. One thing that is often overlooked is to prepare the upgrade process which we will do in the future. Fortunately, components of today’s data center has led to a modular system. Row-based cooling and hybrid cooling or, for example, is now relatively more scalable to anticipate additional workload profile in the future.

Not only are increasingly modular cooling component, but also Data center Physical Infrastructure (DCPI). One trend in DCPI is what is called “facility modules” which contains the core components of the infrastructure in the configuration of the block-or much like Lego. With a modular approach like this, the upgrade process can take place more easily.

But designing a flexible data center is not just limited to the use of modular components. You also need to create a simulation of possible changes in the data center. For that, you need tools such as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) since the planning stage. By involving DCIM since the beginning, you have the basis for the calculation of the data center development in the future, such as modular components what you will need, what and where components should be redundant, and how the data center can be reconfigured.

DCIM increasingly crucial role as it affects second point of the data center that is flexible, ie the optimization of data center continuously.

Data center optimization can be done if you can calculate and analyze all activities that occur in your data center infrastructure.

With DCIM, you can monitor and document all these things. You can also create a model of activity that often occurs even test the performance improvements that occur when doing a repair or alteration. With informative and documented system, all relevant parties can get current data regarding the configuration of your data center and utilize it for various things such as preparing a disaster or emergency plan, business planning and so on.

Besides relying on DCIM, a data center standard also requires an audit or assessment. Through this audit activity, you can know the issues related to reliability and efficiency in your data center and perform the appropriate steps to address all the issues that arise.

Each data center has different needs assessment, but it should be done regularly at least once every years.There many issues that can be found in the assessment process or this audit. One that is often found is the temperature of the data center, often tuned under which it should be, resulting in inefficiency. Air flow is often also the problems found in the audit process, but this problem can be overcome by performing the reconfiguration of the position of the components in the data center.

This last point is important because the assessment is not merely a matter of adding new components. Results of the audit process is often only the reconfiguration process that does not require the purchase of new components. And it was supposed to be the priority in the audit process.

Audit should be competent vendors, who have a global perspective and have a comprehensive understanding and expertise on standards and regulatory data center. Some regulations are important in the data center for example Green Grid is set about efficiency. There is also the Uptime Institute standards governing the reliability side.

Equally important is the vendor who did the assessment must have experience and a deep understanding of all the components in the data center, such as cooling systems, electrical, monitoring, DCIM software, and other crucial parameters.

From the above discussion it can be concluded, the key to successfully building a reliable data center is to create a flexible foundation since its inception, and always keep an eye on the operations side so that its efficiency and availability keep awake.

Do not be satisfied with the existing ones. Nor should wait for a problem arises. You have to constantly think about how to improve the efficiency and performance of data center continuously. With thinking like that, you will obtain the data center that is always ready to face any challenge.